Integrating the wisdom of both Eastern and Western medicine,
to provide a modern approach to a healthier you.






We are an inter-disciplinary team of practitioners all working together to provide the most nourishing and health-enhancing environment for our Santa Cruz community clients. We’ve brought our specialties together to provide our clients a whole body approach to preventative, rehabilitative, and overall healthy lifestyle care. Our approach is holistic. We believe the body to be self-healing and self-regulatory. Our perception of health focuses on: the body’s structural well-being, the health of it’s physiological systems, diet and nutrition, as well as emotional and psychological well being.

Medical Massage Therapist

Erin Brummett, LMT, MMP

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It’s always the word of mouth that’s the best advice. Here are some of ours…

Erin is constantly expanding her education in medical therapies, learning new
techniques and deepening her knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Her feel,
experience, and extensive training make her the ideal massage therapist.”

-Casey Huff, SC.

I always wanted to try acupuncture and when my allergies were in full effect, I took this as an opportunity! Audra has been helping me for almost a year and can solve any problem I bring to her! From back pain to asthma, or even skin problems, she has been able to cure everything! Highly recommend Audra.

-Erin K.

“I came to Marti broken. Her sessions gave me my wings again.” -Laura Dickie

“Craniosacral Therapy is more relaxing than sleep.”                  -Ron Barr

“Marti has the most magical healing hands I’ve ever experienced.Every time I have a session with her I reach the most amazing state of deep relaxation and peace of mind.The bodywork sessions I’ve had with her have been an essential element in my healing process and I will forever be grateful to her.” .    –MK Boone

“Eliza, you have such an amazing presence, authentic laugh and kind heart” 
-C.L. 2015
“God surely danced on the day you were born and every day since!”

 I’ve been getting body work from Erin for about 3 years now. She is, hands down, the BEST therapist there is. Not only does her work feel incredible, she actually FIXES problem areas. When I first met Erin, I was ready to go in for my second shoulder surgery. I couldn’t lift my arm without pain and a loud popping sound. Erin showed me that my shoulder joint was fine but the muscles attaching to it were imbalanced and were the cause of my severe pain. It only took a few sessions with Erin to be able to take my arm out of the sling and regain full range of motion. Years later, I am still turning to Erin every time my body feels “off.” She is a true “Body mechanic!”-MRS

“I loved how Erin explained what she was doing and gave me feedback on my body and the problems that she saw. I also liked how her balance of silence and some talking as appropriate. She also has a great sense of humor. This was one of the best massages I’ve ever had and she seriously changed how my body felt prior to the massage. “

-H.V, SC

“My shoulders were in dire shape when I went to Audra Alejandrez fro acupuncture treatments. The result of her work was nothing short of phenomenal. I can’t recommend her highly enough.  Suberb!!!”-Joe H.

“Excellent through and through, 5-stars! Would not hesitate to recommend to my family and friends – not to mention by doctor.”-E.D.


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Xavier A.'s Review Xavier A.
5.0 star rating

I consider myself a massage therapist expert, and Erin is the best one I have ever had. Period.

I am a long-distance runner who runs an insane amount of...

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Ileana B.'s Review Ileana B.
5.0 star rating

Erin is wonderful! She designs her treatment just for you and what your body. She is present during every appointment and paying attention to your unique...

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Jim N.'s Review Jim N.
5.0 star rating

Erin is amazing. She has helped me greatly and I think the world of her abilities. I highly recommend her.

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