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Danny Diamond

Danny Diamond

CMT, Certified Massage Therapist Shiatsu

Danny is a life-long healer and empath who has been harnessing the healing power of massage therapy since his teen years.  He underwent private, intensive training as a young man with a Shiatsu master-practitioner on Cape Ann in the North Shore of Massachusetts. This training sparked an energetic awakening in Danny, enabling him to perceive electrical fields and disharmonies in the energy bodies of his patients.  He uses this ability to restore balance by accessing their bodies’ meridian structures through specific pressure points.

Philosophy and Practice:

As Danny’s understanding of health and wellness evolved from a Western to an Eastern perspective, he learned to address the spiritual root causes of illnesses, rather than merely alleviating their symptoms.  Patients who receive Shiatsu treatment from Danny often feel a significant energy shift tht brings peace, reassurance, well-being, and even euphoria.  Years after his initial training, Danny expanded his knowledge under the guidence of Ann Drake, a professional psychotherapist and shaman.  Intergrating these disciplines, Danny has developed a unique approach that treats the mind, body, and spirit as an interconnected dynamic system.

Experience the Transformation:  

If you’re ready to try something new and transform you approach to health and well-being, Danny invites you to experience the profound benefits of his Shiatsu and Shamanic synthesis.  Reconnect with your inner peace and balance, feel better in your body and book your session today.


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