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Erin Brummett

Medical Massage Therapist, Founder, CMT, MMP

My journey of therapeutic healing has carved a rewarding path for me in the realm of massage therapy, a profession deeply connected to pain relief. The profound influence that bodywork exerts on physical and emotional self-awareness was a revelation that ignited within me a passion to guide others on their self-healing journeys. As an experienced massage therapist, I am privileged to play a critical role in alleviating people’s pain. This career choice in therapeutic massage continues to enrich my life daily, filling it with purpose and satisfaction.

I embarked on my professional journey at Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts, immersing myself in the essence of bodywork and its potential to support others in their healing processes. Recognizing the importance of comprehensive knowledge of human anatomy for success in pain relief through massage therapy, I sought further education at Five Branches University.

Keen to specialize, I earned a certification in orthopedic/medical massage – a discipline focused on identifying the root causes of body pain, releasing tension effectively, and correcting imbalances leading to chronic and acute pain.

The complexity of the human body fascinates me, particularly the unique story each individual’s body tells. This curiosity fuels my practice, shaping me into the therapist I am today. Currently, I am pursuing my degree in Osteopathic Manual Therapy, further deepening my understanding of pain management and relief.

Are You Ready For A Healthier You?
As a massage therapist, my role extends beyond just healing; I facilitate clients’ journeys towards self-healing while continually exploring the intricacies of the human condition. Demonstrating my commitment to the profession, I am an active member of the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) and the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professional (ABMP).

Swedish massage, a technique known for its effectiveness in pain relief, forms the core of my practice. I find this method incredibly adaptable and easy to integrate with other techniques. My expertise spans deep tissue, orthopedic, shiatsu, trigger point, myofascial release, and acupressure. I customize my sessions to align with my client’s unique needs, integrating these techniques based on their body’s requirements for pain relief. Fuelled by passion for my career, I eagerly look forward to the new insights that each day and every session brings in the realm of therapeutic massage and pain relief.
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