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Katie Ostermeier
Certified Massage Therapist, Neuromuscular Therapist, CMT
My journey towards becoming a Massage Therapist and Neuromuscular Therapist was deeply personal, rooted in my own experiences as an athlete dealing with injuries and the mental strain they imposed.
Dealing with such limitations first-hand instilled in me a profound understanding of their impact, and this in turn sparked my interest in massage therapy and the healing arts. I was driven by a desire to offer relief to others, to make a tangible difference in their lives, which led me to obtain my certification in massage therapy and health education. My thirst for knowledge didn’t stop there, and I pursued a master’s course in Neuromuscular Therapy to delve deeper into the nuances of the human body.Now, as a certified Massage Therapist and Neuromuscular Therapist, I specialize in Deep Tissue bodywork and Trigger Point Therapy. I blend these modalities with Swedish Massage and Shiatsu, offering a dynamic and powerful bodywork experience.
Are You Ready For A Healthier You?
I understand that each body is unique and has its own set of needs, and therefore, I ensure that my massage sessions are tailored to meet the specific wants and needs of my clients. I steer clear from a one-size-fits-all approach and instead, respond to the subtle cues each body provides. If you are seeking a rejuvenating experience that transports you into a state of deep relaxation, my bodywork may be the perfect fit for you. Alternatively, if you are looking to alleviate chronic pain, or to enhance your range of motion and flexibility, you will find that my treatment leaves you feeling invigorated, free, and empowered.
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