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CROSSFIT LOVERS, Take Care of Yourselves!


CrossFit man with strong upper body

Yes, I’m talking to you, my #CrossFit friends. I have quite a collection of you as my clients and I call you the “CrossFit Masochists.” You are strong and you are driven. You are fierce competitors and you push your bodies to their limits and sometimes beyond. You look like Greek gods. And, no, you don’t need to tell me what you do to stay fit. I will know when I see you. I will know when my thumb won’t sink into your traps and when my elbow, pressed in deeply, makes you curse me and my children, all the while, saying that you love me.

Take Care of yourself, CrossFit Lovers!

My dear, CrossFit Masochists, I am the therapist for you because I know you and I know what ails you. I know that those insanely gorgeous arms of yours no longer fully extend and those powerful shoulders HURT and I know that your low back is stiff and that your “Brazilian Butt” screams nasty things as you move throughout your day. As I said, I know you and I know that you need a BODY MECHANIC and not some feel good “pretty massage.”

You are building yourself up into powerful beings. Good for you! Keep in mind, though, that this intense program is hard on your body and, if you are not properly cared for, you WILL break. Please, take further care of yourself, and get regular treatments. I can promise three things: 1) It will “hurt so good.” 2) We will release enough tension to take your body to the next level. (Possibly giving you the extra power to finally smoke that jerk constantly showing you up.) and 3) You will feel as strong as you look afterwards.

Now is the time to step it up and to feel better.

By Erin Brummett, LMT, MMP~Founder and Medical Massage Therapist

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