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Client Comments

“I’ve struggled with tightness and pain in my neck and lower back for 40 years, and
I’ve been treated by many massage therapists over that period. Without a doubt,
Erin Brummet is the most effective body worker I’ve experienced. All good massage therapists have a good “feel”— an ability to locate the tight spots and then use just the right amount of pressure to work the tension out of the muscles. But, in my experience, “feel” isn’t enough to treat chronic muscle and nerve problems. Erin has superb “feel,” but so much more. Her excellent technique and broad education result in incredibly efficient healing.

When I first started seeing Erin, I had impingements in both shoulders, which made it painful to raise my arms over my head. It took her only two sessions to improve my range of motion and only three more to get me pain free with full range of motion in both shoulders.

I’ve been getting body work from Erin for about 3 years now. She is, hands down, the BEST therapist there is. Not only does her work feel incredible, she actually FIXES problem areas. When I first met Erin, I was ready to go in for my second shoulder surgery. I couldn’t lift my arm without pain and a loud popping sound. Erin showed me that my shoulder joint was fine but the muscles attaching to it were imbalanced and were the cause of my severe pain. It only took a few sessions with Erin to be able to take my arm out of the sling and regain full range of motion. Years later, I am still turning to Erin every time my body feels “off.” She is a true “Body mechanic!”

-Matt, Boulder Creek

Erin is constantly expanding her education in medical therapies, learning new
techniques and deepening her knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Her feel,
experience, and extensive training make her the ideal massage therapist.”

-Casey Huff, SC.

“Erin did an amazing job on my neck after just one visit! Came in with a neck “injury” and she helped realign me.”
-J.B, LG

“I loved how Erin explained what she was doing and gave me feedback on my body and the problems that she saw. I also liked how her balance of silence and some talking as appropriate. She also has a great sense of humor. This was one of the best massages I’ve ever had and she seriously changed how my body felt prior to the massage. “
-H.V, SC

“Easy, Quick. No frills or la dee dah. My therapist, Erin, was incredible. She got my back relaxed for the first time! Thank you.”
-Daniel Connor

“I came to Marti broken. Her sessions gave me my wings again.”                                                                                                                                                                 -Laura Dickie

“Craniosacral Therapy is more relaxing than deep sleep.”                                                                                                                                                                              -Ron Barr

“Marti has the most magical healing hands I’ve ever experienced. Every time I have a session with her, I reach the most amazing state of deep relaxation and peace of mind. The body work sessions have been an essential element in my healing process and I will forever be grateful to her.”                                 -MK Boone

“Erin is wonderful! She designs her treatments just for you and what your body needs. She is present during every appointment and paying attention to your unique situation. Outside of the office, Erin volunteers her talents and has massaged runners from impoverished nations, our farm workers and so many others who need her care but it is out of their reach. Erin is just a beautiful person inside and out. Her healing touch is magical and you won’t want to stop seeing her once you start!”

-Ileana B.

“Erin’s bodywork is deeply restorative. She has an amazing reservoir of both knowledge and experience, and a healer’s sincere interest in her clients’ well-being. I went to her because an old injury wasn’t recovering with physical therapy alone; Erin’s trigger point therapy really helped me get past the plateau I was stuck on, and move on with my life. She even took time to teach me how to do some of the most relevant releases at home. Erin is a warm person and uniquely capable. Go see her and start feeling better!”

-Allison M.

“Blessed are the gifted massage therapists, for they are the divine healers of hurting bodies! Erin is the finest massage therapist I have EVER encountered. Very knowledgeable and compassionate, with the best healing touch. You describe your pain, and she finds the source and goes to work. Best money I have ever spent on my health. Highly recommend for those who like deep tissue massage.”

-Beth T.

“One of the best massages I’ve ever recieved. Erin is a true massage therapist. With skilled, strong hands, she hit the pressure points that needed attention. Communication was easy, she inquired on my problem area and went to work to help reduce the aches in my calves, feet, and shins.”

-Jeanie O

“Erin has helped me so much with injuries that regular doctors and therapists have been unable to heal.  After years of PT and rounds of doctors, I found Erin through a friend and she has treated my injuries, including calf tightness, pulled hamstrings, plantar fasciitis, and all kinds of tendinitis. She not only treats the area of pain but finds the pressure point and gives recommendations on home exercises and stretches. As a tennis player, it is ESSENTIAL to have Erin as a resource. She’s great!”

-Sabrina L

“Erin is a very good therapist and I have been having sports massage for over 20 years now. She is very knowledgeable about physiology and anatomy, as well as in the techniques of therapeutic massage. As a runner and someone who sits at a computer for long periods, my regular massage with Erin is an important preventative health and healing mechanism.”

-Marion H.

“Getting a massage from Erin is heaven. She has a gift. She knows how to fix all of my ailments, finding the source of pain I didn’t even know was there. I even talked my husband into seeing her for getting his first massage, and he is hooked, too. She is kind and pleasant, too. Doesn’t get any better.”

-B. Terry

“Erin is a source of relief! She has a natural and intuitive sense of healing with actual benefit. I’ve gotten multiple massages but Erin is BY FAR the very best and has become a mandatory visit whenever possible! Erin is not simply a massage therapist, she is a medical professional that heals the body through physical touch and useful guidance.”

-Sarah J


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