Founder, Medical Massage Therapist

Erin Brummett LMT, MMP

I came to the massage field with a great need for personal healing. The bodywork I received brought me a profound sense of self-awareness, both emotionally and physically. What awakened in me, was an incredible passion for helping others heal themselves. I find the greatest and most humbling honor in helping people remove pain from their lives. Entering this field has become one of the most amazing gifts I have ever given myself.

I began my schooling at Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts. It was here that I learned what the “soul” of body work was, and what I could offer others. I furthered my education at Five Branches University, where I realized how extremely important a solid foundation in human anatomy was to being proficient in my career. I furthered my training and earned my certification in orthopedic/medical massage. This education taught me not only to find the underlying root of body pain, but also gave me the skills to actively release difficult tension areas, correcting the imbalances causing chronic and acute pain. I have developed a great fascination for the complicated workings of our bodies, and enjoy observing how every person’s body is different and tells its own incredible story.

This fascination lives within me, and has helped me to become the therapist that I am today. I am currently working on my Associate in Osteopathic Manual Therapy.

I do not consider myself a healer, but a facilitator of a client’s own healing journey, and a continuous student of the human condition.

I am a current member of the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) as well as the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professional (ABMP) organization. My foundation and first love is the Swedish modality. I find Swedish massage to be beautiful and very easy to incorporate many different modalities into it. I have been trained in deep tissue, orthopedic, shiatsu, trigger point, myofascial release, and acupressure. My sessions integrate many, if not all, of these modalities, as I listen to my client’s body and answer with the techniques that feel called for.

I love my career and look forward to what each day, and each session, can teach me.